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C64 Title Screen - nice SID tune A Python with missile homing in Fer-de-Lance with same problem

Who am I?
I live in North Dakota, USA, and prior to retirement worked as a health care professional. I grew up on a farm and still love outdoor activities. And, these are my Elite / Oolite fan pages for the Commodore 64.

North Dakota
Elite Description:  Mainly Agricultural, Democracy, TL7.  Human Colonials and Native Dakotaians whose land was stolen by the human colonials.  This place is most notable for its inhabitants eccentric love for snow blowers.
Geography:  Northern part of the vast prairie region which stretches from Alberta, Canada south to Texas east of the Rocky Mountains to about the Mississippi river.  Well that is what it used to be before the arrival of those "human colonials".
Climate:  Continental to the extreme.  January mean temperature, -12 C and July, 22 C, with the occasional hot afternoon approaching 40 C.  Annual precipitation varies from 30 cm in the west to 60 cm in the east.

Back in the early to mid 1980's (my favorite decade) I was introduced to computers at work.  Shortly after, I purchased my first home computer, a Commodore 64, "the Breadbin".  I did all sorts of things with it but I think one whole year was lost to playing Elite.  I can't fully explain but there was something addictive about it.  I was single at the time so whole nights, sometimes until dawn, were consumed playing this game.  Many friday nights I would go to my local drinking establishment to socialize with friends then walk home about 1 in the morning and spend several hours blasting pirates and exploring the galaxies.

What is Elite?
Simply put, it is a space trading and combat game. You are given a ship, a Cobra Mark III, and 100 credits to buy commodities with. Your aim is to trade goods with neighbouring systems and hopefully make a profit. Along the way you will encounter hostile ships whose aim is to destroy your ship and steal your cargo. Yes, you guessed it, pirates! Your ship starts out not very well equipped to fight pirates. But, if you survive and earn enough credits, you can buy equipment that will make your ship a pretty good combat vessel. And there are other things you can equip your ship with.

Elite was originally programmed for the BBC Micro by two Cambridge undergraduates, David Braben and Ian Bell. It was not like any other game before. It made such an impact and became so successful that it was ported to nearly every other home computer of the day. For more information, I refer you here:
Elite Wiki

Elite Screen Captures:

Spinning Adder after saved game loaded Coriolis space station - most common Dodecahedron - station on richer systems Transporter heading for planet
A Cobra Mark I Krait Pirates - Sidewinder and Mamba Freebooting Python
A Fer de Lance Another Krait Worm. Both it and Krait were not hostile Sidewinder Scout Ship

The Commodore 64 video chip (VIC-II) allowed for a 40 column text screen, a high resolution two-color bitmap (320 x 200 pixels), and a lower resolution multi-color bitmap (160 x 200 pixels). Elite for the C64 split the screen so the top 70% of the display was hi-res while the bottom 30%, which was for the HUD, was multi-color.

Elite Today
A few years ago I discovered the wonderful world of emulators.  Currently, I have DOSbox for old DOS games, VICE for the even older C64, and NEStopia for the Nintendo Entertainment System.  I have some version of Elite for all of them.

NES Elite title screen NES Elite Commander screen NES Elite planet info screen NES Elite combat action

Oolite is a modern remake of classical Elite for Linux, Mac OS, and MS Windows. It allows for user created expansion packs (OXP's) which can vastly enrich one's gaming experience. Currently, I have installed 1.88 deployment version. Anyone interested in trying Oolite are referred to the following links:

Cobra Mk. III Coriolis Station Oolite Planet Info

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