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The images in the banner above I snagged from Google images and show scenes from my home state of North Dakota. The right panel is that of famous Lakota Sioux chief of days gone by, Sitting Bull. Before settlers arrived here in the latter 19th century it was occupied by Native American tribes, mainly the Assiniboine and Sioux. Most of these tribes were nomadic as winters were too harsh for permanent settlement. When the "white man" came he changed the land forever. In some places he broke up the prairie sod, transforming the land for cereal grain production. Other less suitable land was used to fatten herds of beef cattle and other domesticated animals.

I live in Bismarck, the Capitol city, and have resided here for over 30 years, but I was raised on the family farm and have many fond memories of my youth. The soil must still be in my blood because I love to potter around in the garden. Not a flower garden, although I do have a few flowering plants. My garden is intended for the production of vegetables. It is hard to imagine anything fresher than eating an ear of corn or a delicious red tomato that was picked just a few minutes before.